Flour is the main product in the food ration of each person. It’s hard to overestimate importance of this product. The secret of such popularity lies in its nutritional value and relative simplicity of reception.

Flour of high suitability can be obtained only from good quality grain. Our company ensures the supply of soft wheat flour from the best Ukrainian producers. All flour is made from non-GMO high quality Ukrainian wheat.

Types of flour:

Wheat Flour Premium grade (T55)

Premium grade wheat flour has a bright white colour. It’s used for bakery (rolls, croissants, buns) and confectionery (cakes, cookies, muffins). It mostly corresponds to European standards: Type 55 (France), Type 550 (Germany), Type 550 (Poland).

  • Protein min. 11.0%;
  • Whiteness min. 56 units;
  • Wet gluten min. 26%;
  • Moisture max. 14.5%.
  • Ash content max. 0.55%

 First grade wheat flour (T65, T75)

First grade wheat flour has a slightly larger size of particles than the premium grade. It contains a sufficiently large amount of gluten, due to which the dough made of it will be elastic in structure, and the finished products have a good shape, large volume, pleasant taste and aroma. It perfectly suits for baking bread, biscuits. Approximately corresponds to European standards: Type 812 (Germany), Type 750 (Poland).

Мука пшеничная первого сорта
  • Protein min. 11.5%;
  • Whiteness min. 42 units;
  • Wet gluten min. 27%;
  • Moisture max. 14.5%.
  •  Ash content max. 0.75%