Ukraine in 2017 exports to Indonesia agricultural products under the new rules

Export of grain to IndonesiaNovember 18, 2016 The Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia to replace Decree No. 4 of 17.02.2015. Adopted Resolution No. 55, which introduced updated rules of import requirements for exporting countries, incl. Ukraine.

The updated list of products includes 100 types of strong products, in particular: fresh fruit (43 types) fresh vegetables (35 types) cereals (7 types) nuts (6 types) legumes (5 types) others (4 types).

The main difference between the new version of the resolution is the possibility of supplying products without the need to register laboratories in exporting countries. In this case, the responsible government body of the exporting country, which embraces food safety issues, issues a certificate that guarantees the safety of the consumption of agricultural products by a person (Food Safety Certificate).

The certificate must meet the following requirements:

  •  Issued by the competent authority responsible for food safety or other accredited body of the exporting country;

  • The date of issue of the certificate must be earlier than the date of the bill of lading;
  • Contain data on the type of goods (common and botanical name), quantity (in kg), place of packing; Description of the company-exporter (name, address, phone / fax, e-mail) description of the importer’s company (name, address, tel./fax, e-mail); Port of importation into the Republic of Ingushetia; Place of production.

However, it is important to note that the decision does not introduce any changes for exporting countries that have already registered laboratories for quality control of imported products in the Republic of Ingushetia. In particular, the laboratory certified by the Indonesian side in Ukraine (Odessa State Border Control and Toxicology Laboratory) is the only body authorized to issue the Certificate of Analysis, is a compulsory shipping document for registered types of agricultural products (16 types: wheat, corn, barley, rye, oats, Sorghum, soybeans, peas, corn flour, rye flour, apples, onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic, cherries) indicating the content of pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy met llov and bacteria that do not exceed the level allowed the ny.

In the case of export of other agricultural products from Ukraine, which are regulated by the Resolution, but are not included in the list of registered cargo, it must be accompanied by a Food Safety Certificate issued by the Derzhproddzhospazhivsluzhby of Ukraine. The certificate should reflect that the exported products are safe for human consumption, as well as other necessary information given above.

On the part of the Indonesian side, it is noted that for registered agricultural goods, which are accompanied by an analysis certificate issued by the Odessa State Border Control and Toxicology Laboratory, a lightweight quarantine control regime on the Indonesian border will be implemented and fewer checks by the monitoring bodies.