TM Pan&PanPrimusAgro company offers premium and first grade wheat flour of our own trademark Pan&Pan, in full accordance with the state regulations of Ukraine.

Before our flour falls on the shelves of shops, it undergoes thorough testing for compliance with all indicators of a quality product in the company’s laboratories.

Quality control process covers the whole cycle of wheat flour production starting from grain processing to the output of finished products.

At the elevator the wheat is carefully selected by our specialists and cleared out of impurities, after that milling blends are sorted by vitreousness of grains. That particular indicator determines the quality of finished product, flour’ protein richness.

Our modern equipment hydrothermally processes the grain, and later it is ground, grinded and at the output you get hign quality products for baking and cooking.

Flour of TM «Pan&Pan» is great for baking bread, pies, flat cakes, as well as for cooking dishes such as meat dumplings, dumplings, khinkali, ravioli.

By purchasing products under the TM “Pan & Pan” you get the opportunity to sell the highest quality flour from Ukraine to consumers in your country.

Flour of TM «Pan&Pan» is supplied in convenient packages of 2, 5, 25,30,50 kg.